2021-2022 Annual Report

Dear Friends and Supporters of VNA Health Group,

We are proud to present our VNA Health Group 2021-22 Community Impact Report highlighting our accomplishments over the past two years. As you will see and hear, VNA Health Group, as it has for 110 years, continues to have an enormous impact on the lives of thousands of individuals in New Jersey, Ohio and Southeast Florida. Our dedicated staff continue to wake up each and every day to fulfill the mission of our founder Geraldine Thompson to care for the most vulnerable and at risk populations. We faced many challenges including the spike in COVID-19 in early 2022 as well as reductions in reimbursement and healthcare worker shortages. Despite this, VNA Health Group made tremendous strides in providing home and community based care as well as innovations to improve our quality of care. Critical to our growth and impact has been the generous support of our donors and volunteers who made unprecedented contributions to help ensure that care is provided to all patients in need, regardless of their circumstances. Our thanks to all of you for your contributions and continued support of VNA Health Group.