3 Ways a Home Health Care Agency Will Change Your Life

Are you thinking about hiring a home health care agency for your loved one? The services offered from a home health agency aren’t just convenient – they are life-changing. The purpose of this type of care is to offer physical assistance and emotional support to older adults as they navigate their day-to-day lives at home.

As you research the options for getting your loved one more help at home, here are three ways that a home health care agency can change your life.

1. You get to keep the family home.

The majority of seniors wish to remain in their homes for as long as possible. “Home” is a familiar place that holds many memories, so it’s no wonder why people want to age in place. Aside from the preference of living at home, there are also practical and financial reasons for keeping the family home:

  • Increased independence: Your loved one doesn’t have to worry about losing their independence. They can stay in their home where they feel empowered.
  • Avoid the stress of moving: Moving someone out of their home is stressful. You have to pack their things, move furniture to storage (or have an estate sale) and help your loved one adjust to their new surroundings. If this is too much for your family right now, wait.
  • Supportive community: It’s likely that your loved one has built strong relationships within their community. It may not be the right time to pull them away from these connections.
  • Save money: If the home is paid for, you only have to cover utilities and maintenance. Senior living varies but is typically thousands a month.

2. Your family will be less stressed and more united.

It’s difficult when a parent or grandparent starts needing more help around the home. Usually, it’s the family that feels the burden of pitching in. However, everyone has different schedules and responsibilities, so it’s difficult to split things evenly. This can lead to tensions and resentment in the family.

Hiring a home care agency to support your loved one takes this burden off your family without compromising your loved one’s physical and emotional health. You can work together as a team to make sure that Mom or Dad is properly cared for, and no one person is left with all the work.

3. You can improve your relationship with your loved one.

We often find that children have better relationships with their parents when they are not their sole caregiver. It’s challenging to have a positive, rewarding relationship when you’re fighting with your parents constantly over their care.

By hiring a home health care agency, these needs are handled for you. You can maintain a positive child-parent relationship and use your time together to listen to music, look at old photos or put together a puzzle. These are the types of memories that are worth holding onto – not arguing with your loved ones.

These are just a few of the ways that home health care can transform your relationships with loved ones and improve the quality of life for your family. To learn more about getting started with an affordable and attentive home health agency, contact VNA Health Group today.

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