A Message from our President & CEO

Dear VNA Health Group Colleagues, Community Partners, and Friends,

20 years ago our great country was attacked by evil and cowardly terrorists—innocent people taking a flight, going to work were killed—our heroic first responders, firefighters and police officers rushed into the burning buildings to save as many as could be saved and too many of these heroes lives were taken as well. 

On behalf of the VNA Board and leadership, I extend our prayers and sympathies to everyone who lost family, friends, co-workers and neighbors on that horrible day. May their memory be a blessing, please know our community stands with you as we mark this tragic anniversary. 

New Yorkers literally dug themselves out of the rubble and rebuilt downtown—America rallied around the victims, rallied for our flag and shared values, celebrated the true heroism of firefighters, police officers and first responders—-we found unity, and fought back. 

Our country faces many challenges today—the pandemic, foreign adversaries that hate freedom and democracy, pockets of poverty and troubling disparities in health and opportunity, and we also have the destructive cynicism and inherent thoughtlessness of conducting political discourse on complex issues via one liners and name calling on social media and cable news.

As we address these challenges, let’s channel the bravery of the heroes who gave their lives of 9/11. Let’s channel the strength and resilience of the families and neighborhoods that built themselves back in spite of unthinkable loss. Let’s channel the unity and resolve of the leaders across the political spectrum that put country first to focus on rebuilding, preventing more attacks, and fighting back.

As we remember 9/11 and the victims, and celebrate the heroes, I can’t help but feel grateful for all of you and the work we do together. VNA Health Group is a healing force in our communities—our teams, our people are everyday heroes that have dedicated themselves to helping the most vulnerable find health, strength, independence and comfort. Thank you for this great work and wishing you peace and strength as we mark this tragic anniversary.

G-d Bless America!

Steve Landers, MD, MPH

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