All You Need to Know About Visiting Physician Services for Homebound Patients

Years ago, it was easy to find a house call doctor to take care of sick, elderly and homebound patients. Today, visiting physicians  in NJ aren’t as common, but they’re not impossible to find. VNA Health Group’s Visiting Physician Services (VPS)  is one of the largest and most experienced house call practices in the state of New Jersey. Our mission is to enable patients to stay at home as they age with an improved quality of life.

Below is everything you need to know about our house call doctor services and how they can benefit homebound patients.

Who is  Visiting Physician Services in NJ?

Visiting Physician Services is a primary care medical practice that makes house calls to older adults and homebound patients.  We treat patients in private residences, senior buildings and retirement communities. We focus on those patients that have difficulty getting to the doctor and have multiple chronic conditions.  

What are the  Benefits of House Calls?

There are many benefits to offering house calls for mobility challenged  patients. They include:

●  Alleviates stress of getting to and from a doctor’s office

●  Rely less on emergency services and reduces hospital visits

●  Ensure better communication with loved ones

●  Get a more accurate assessment of the patient’s living environment

●  Enjoy a higher quality of care despite mobility issues

●  Patients remain in the comfort of their home

What Types of Doctors are on Staff?

When you use  Visiting Physician Services in NJ, you never have to worry about the quality of doctors treating you or a loved one. All doctors are board-certified in family practice or internal medicine. They  have extensive experience treating adult and geriatric patients. Furthermore, our staff also includes board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Is the Quality of Care the Same with House Call Visits?

Absolutely! Thanks to emerging technology, it’s easier than ever to bring quality care to homebound patients. For example, you can receive a physical exam , diabetic assessment, blood tests, EKGs,  X-rays and wound care all in the comfort of your home. We provide complete coordination of care and manage many chronic health problems.  

Are Visiting Physician Services Covered by Insurance?

 Our house call doctors accept traditional Medicare and Horizon Managed Care, as well as private pay and supplemental policies for the 20% not covered by Medicare. Visiting doctor  services in NJ are all different, so it’s important to ask these questions upfront.

If you or a loved one has trouble leaving the home, consider calling the doctor who comes to you. . VNA Health Group’s  Visiting Physician Services to offers quality , patient-centered care which provides peace of mind to patients and families with an enhanced quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our  house calls services.

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