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Grief Counseling in NJ

From Grieving to Healing

The grieving process is just that—a process. It takes time to heal after a loved one passes away. Visiting Nurse Association Health Group is proud to offer grief counseling and bereavement support groups in New Jersey for family members of our hospice patients. Led by social workers and pastoral care members, we can help you establish a support network that allows you to come to terms with a death and retain the connection to a loved one who has passed on.

Bereavement Support

Grief Counseling and Bereavement Support Groups in New Jersey

Our bereavement support team follows up with you for 13 months after your loved one has passed, offering memorial services, phone calls, support groups, grief counseling, and more. Our evidence-based support services are offered when you need it and with respect to your emotional and spiritual needs.

Help is just a call away. To learn about our bereavement services, call 800-400-0981.

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