Connected Health Institute Forms Advisory Board and Moves Ahead with Tech Collaborations

Holmdel, NJ – The Connected Health Institute (CHI)—the institute within the VNA Health Group (VNAHG) that spearheads mobile and digital initiatives to improve patient outcomes—has recently formed an advisory board. The members of the board represent a cross-section of health care and technology professionals, including clinicians, technologists, entrepreneurs, developers and business leaders.

About the Advisory Board

“The board influences VNAHG’s long tradition of embracing new technologies as a way to provide a more holistic approach to home health, hospice and community-based care,” said Dr. Robert Rosati, chair of CHI. “They are helping us to envision a future where advances like virtual checks with patients, video consults and ‘smart’ home remote monitoring are integrated into the plan of care.”

Current CHI initiatives include secure texting, mobile applications, remote monitoring tools, telehealth, two-way video conferencing and digital wound management systems. TigerText, an innovative clinical communication app, supports secure care team coordination among colleagues and VNAHG hospital partners. The HIPAA-compliant technology permits VNA employees to instantly and securely message patient sensitive information. It also allows them to share clinical documents and collaborate through group forums.

“This instant communication gives our staff and partners increased efficiency and timeliness in coordinating the highest quality patient care from the hospital to the home,” said Rosati.

Innovative Technology

VNA Health Group is also using technology from Parable Health to manage and improve wound care outcomes. By taking a photograph of the wound site, using Parable’s automated measurements and clinical dashboard, VNAHG nurses are able to better help guide patients through the recovery process and get a consultation from wound care experts.

“Parable’s remote monitoring functions allow VNA Health Group to identify any potential complications, decrease hospital readmissions, collect detailed wound status data, improve clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction,” said Rosati.

Technology from Bluestream Health—a member of VNAHG’s Connected Health Institute Advisory Board—now allows VNAHG to remotely access language translators, including American Sign Language during a home care visit. A collaboration with Capsico, also an advisory board company, has enabled VNAHG to create a data warehouse to integrate data from various systems to produce detailed reports and perform advanced analytics.

VNA is also implementing applications from ExactCare and LumiraDX. ExactCare is enabling VNA to offer a home-based comprehensive medication management program for complex patients. LumiraDX is supplying telehealth monitoring devices.

VNAHG and the CHI Advisory Board are investigating additional technology innovations through discussions with technology companies and through several pilot projects.

“VNA will be releasing many innovative technologies that have been developed with the input of the advisory group, said Rosati. ”We are grateful for the insights and direction that they are sharing with us.”

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