Connected Health

Connected Health

Connected Health: Health Care Without Walls

Connected Health Links You to VNA Clinicians, Your Doctor and if You Choose, Your Caregivers Health care is headed home and outside of hospitals as new digital and mobile technologies show tremendous promise in linking patients, caregivers, and clinicians for improving patient’s health and maintaining their independence in an affordable way. We envision a future where advances like virtual checks with patients, video consults and “smart” home remote monitoring are integrated into the plan of care.

For many of our home health patients, that future is here. We offer a range of telehealth and digital health technology that monitors wounds with 3-D imaging.

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Introducing our Connected Health Institute

The Connected Health Institute (CHI) at VNA Health Group was formed in 2015 to spearhead mobile and digital initiatives to improve patient outcomes. With more than 1,500 clinicians throughout New Jersey, VNA Health Group has the unique opportunity to become a nationally recognized leader in researching, developing and testing technologies that improve patient care.

CHI has already begun to partner with technology companies to identify, develop, pilot and disseminate digital health solutions that improve care coordination, quality of life and outcomes while streamlining efficiencies and costs. These initiatives include secure texting, mobile applications, remote monitoring tools, telehealth, two-way video conferencing, and digital wound management systems. CHI is building upon VNA Health Group’s long tradition of embracing new technologies as a way to provide a more holistic approach to home health, hospice and community-based care.

We view mobile and digital health technology as an opportunity to provide more care, not less, by connecting our clinicians with patients and their caregivers in between in-person visits. In addition, mobile and digital health technology is enhancing internal communication among our more than 1,500 clinicians across 13 New Jersey counties by connecting them digitally for knowledge sharing, exchanging best practices and accessing educational tools.

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Mobile & Digital Health Technology for Senior Home Care NJ

Mobile and Digital Health Technology

  • Connected Health Institute Leadership Robert Rosati, PhD, Chair of the Connected Health Institute, oversees the CHI under the direction of Dr. Steven Landers, president and CEO of VNA Health Group. Dr. Rosati leads research and development and facilitates the expansion of connected health across all of VNA Health Group’s services and programs. He also works closely VNA Health Group’s nursing, IT, marketing, patient experience and foundation teams.
  • Tiger Text Tiger Text is an innovative messaging app being used by VNA Health Group staff to securely communicate amongst colleagues and our hospital partners. The HIPAA compliant technology permits VNA employees to instantly and securely message patient sensitive information, share clinical documents, and collaborate through group forums. This instant communication is allowing our staff and partners increased efficiency and timeliness in coordinating the highest quality patient care all the way from the hospital to the home and back to healthy living.
  • Parable VNA Health Group is using a new tool for managing and improving wound care outcomes. Parable, a telehealth technology, gives our nurses the ability to monitor patient wound recovery throughout the episode of care. By taking a photograph of the wound site, Parable assists our nurses and helps guide patients through the recovery process. By utilizing these remote monitoring functions VNA Health Group is able to identify any potential complications, decrease hospital readmissions, collect detailed wound status data, improve clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.
  • A Commitment to Privacy and Security The adoption of connected health technology comes with a commitment to patient privacy and data security. VNA Health Group has deployed mobile and digital health technology for many years and , we have invested in significant hardware and software systems to ensure our patient and employee data are protected and secure.