Learn About Seasons of Hope From Visiting Nurse Association!

The holiday season may be a time of love, laughter and good cheer, but it can also bring sadness and hopelessness to ill patients and their families. Throughout New Jersey, hundreds of patients and their families sit in hospitals and nursing homes. Trying to tackle holiday tasks like wrapping presents and cooking holiday meals can feel frustrating or impossible.

In an effort to help patients and their families over the holiday season, the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Health Group runs a successful holiday program called Seasons of Hope. This program helps hundreds of patient families a year. If you want to get involved in a great cause, contact Pauline DePalma, Manager of Volunteers, today at 732-224-6933 or Pauline.depalma@vna.org.

Seasons of Hope Has Been Spreading Cheer for Over 20 Years

20 years ago, the VNA Health Group launched the Seasons of Hope program. At this time, a group of community members approached VNA Health Group and asked how they could brighten the holidays for patients and their families. VNA Health Group worked diligently with these individuals to create what we now know as the Seasons of Hope program.

Seasons of Hope allows people to anonymously “adopt” a patient family for the holidays. The goal is to help them accomplish their holiday tasks and give them a memorable Christmas. The donor family donates basic holiday needs, such as grocery store gift cards, clothing, toys and food. Monetary donations are accepted as well.

One Act of Kindness Changes Lives

VNA Health Group provides a number of ways for people to get involved. We have more than 1,500 certified home health aides, therapists, social workers and visiting nurses that provide care to people in New Jersey. It’s a wonderful feeling when people from the community get involved and make an even bigger impact.

Consider some of the health benefits to giving back this holiday season:

  • Promote mental health
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Feel empowered
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Engage with others

It feels better to give than to receive, so consider participating in our Seasons of Hope program this year. Every gift or donation makes a difference to our patients and their families. To learn more about our Seasons of Hope program, visit www.vnahg.org. Happy Holidays!

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