Home Rehab is the "Gold Standard" for Joint Replacement Therapy

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Home Rehab is the "Gold Standard" for Joint Replacement Therapy


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Much like a joint is where two bones meet to work seamlessly together to facilitate movement, our Joint Replacement Therapy team works with patients in the comfort of their home, to ensure a seamless transition from hospitalization to a full recovery. Rehabilitation plays a vital role in recovering from a total knee or hip joint replacement. Specialized therapy strengthens the bone and muscles around the replaced joint, improves mobility, the range of motion, dexterity, and manages pain. Rehabilitation at home is often a preferred option for most patients and their surgeons.


“Receiving rehabilitation therapy at home has become the Gold Standard of care. Home care is often the best option for rehab after a joint replacement procedure. Studies have shown that infection rates are low and re-hospitalization risk is very low,” said Jeff Sommer, TP, DPT, OCS, Orthopedic Manager and Educator, VNA Health Group.


Last year only 1.4 percent of patients throughout New Jersey who received rehabilitative joint-replacement therapy in their homes from VNA Health Group were re-hospitalized. That is very low compared to the national benchmark of 5.2 percent. The advantages of rehab at home with VNA are plentiful. What can be better than one-on-one skilled training and care, customized to meet your needs and goals, taking place in your own environment? Instruction is provided on your stairs, in your bathroom and your kitchen. They even work with you on the best ways to transfer in and out of your favorite chair!


With so much to be concerned about a joint replacement surgery, it is comforting for patients and caregivers to know that they will be able to go straight home from the hospital, where a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals will support them throughout their rehabilitative journey. Within 24 hours of discharge, a VNA nurse and physical therapist will visit patients at home to perform a complete assessment and begin a therapy regimen.


Sommer’s advice for people considering joint replacement therapy at home is to be proactive and start planning early. “There are many things to consider prior to surgery that can ease your transition to full recovery at home so preparation is key. Talk to your surgeon and family to determine if rehab at home could help you bounce back faster.”



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