VNA Chair Co-Authors Study on Telehealth

By Jesse Dean Home
VNA Health Group

VNA Chair Co-Authors Study on Telehealth


The Chair of VNA Health Group’s Connected Health Institute, Robert Rosati, Ph.D. was a contributing author of a recent study titled, “An Emergent Research and Policy Framework for Telehealth,” that sought to create an architecture to guide public policy and promote investments in telehealth research and practice.


Telehealth is a fast-growing sector in health care that uses a variety of technologies for doctors, patients, caregivers, and others to exchange information across locations to improve access, quality, and outcomes across the continuum of care. However, there is an urgent need for a systematic, policy-relevant framework to integrate regulatory, operational, and clinical factors and guide future investments in telehealth research and practice.


“There is a belief particularly in the home health care industry that telehealth is an effective treatment strategy.  The problem is that if you look at the literature the results are very mixed. The goal of the workgroup I was asked to be on, focused on developing a strategy and framework for how to advance the science of telehealth research.  I was honored to represent our industry,” said Dr. Rosati.  


Dr. Rosati was among eleven authors of the study who met with an inter-disciplinary group of 21 clinical and policy experts representing organizations such as AcademyHealth, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy (KP), and the Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA).  The group evaluated which factors would be most critical to include in policy framework and then presented their findings at Concordium 2016 where they collected additional feedback to refine the framework further.


In 2015, VNA Health Group established the Connected Health Institute to conduct testing and evaluation of additional telehealth devices. Currently, VNA Health Group cares for more than 200 patients with telehealth devices to supplement the home health care services we provide.


Dr. Robert Rosati, PhD,
Chair, Connected Health Institute

Under Dr. Rosati’s leadership, the Connected Health Institute has also tested a range of digital health apps and currently deploys apps such as TigerText and Medocity for care coordination and Parable for wound care.


“I hope, the paper just published can move the needle and we will have better research to truly know the value of telehealth, which will lead to more informed policy decisions,” said Dr. Rosati.


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