VNA Contributes to Study on Interoperability of Health Data

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VNA Contributes to Study on Interoperability of Health Data


VNA Health Group’s Vice President of Data and Quality, Robert Rosati, Ph.D, recently contributed to a published report measuring the interoperability of health information and data. The report, A Measurement Framework to Assess Nationwide Progress Related to Interoperable Health Information Exchange to Support the National Quality Strategy, was published by the National Quality Forum (NQF) to “develop a common framework and measure concepts to serve as a foundation to address the current gaps in the measurement of interoperability and its impact.”


NQF conducted an environmental scan which found:


·         Interoperability supports the exchange of data across numerous systems to support areas such as public health, care coordination, patient engagement and innovation.


·         The availability of data with electronic health records (EHRs) and other systems, such as clinical data registries help support interoperability.


·         Facilitating greater interoperability supports decision making by providers and patients by integrating data from various sources to present a unified view to facilitate data exchange as well as establishing common formats for care coordination, quality reporting, and collaborative care.


·         Interoperability has a significant impact on the accuracy of quality measurement in areas such as cancer research, chronic disease management, and heart failure, as well as quality reporting by using common data models and application programming interfaces (APIs).


Download the full report by clicking here.


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