Wellness Tip: Prevent Illness with these Annual Screenings and Tests

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Wellness Tip: Prevent Illness with these Annual Screenings and Tests

Prevent Illness with Annual screenings

As we age, our bodies tend to become more prone to illness and injury. While eating healthy and staying active will increase your chances of good health, some disorders are unavoidable. It’s a good idea to be proactive about our health and that means getting regular checkups annually and seeing your doctor if you notice something doesn’t look or feel right.


These screenings and checkups should be done every year to ensure you are in good health.


Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Check

Blood pressure tests are usually a standard with every doctor’s visit. You may even have a blood pressure checker at home if you have been diagnosed with high or low blood pressure. A number of contributing factors can cause high blood pressure, from poor diet to old age. Seek your doctor’s advice if you suffer from hypertension or hypotension to work towards normal readings.


Blood Tests

Blood Tests preventative measures

For your primary care provider to really understand what’s going on with your health, annual blood tests are something every aging adult should consider. Blood tests can give you and your physician an overall snapshot of your well-being. If something isn’t right, chances are it will show up in your bloodwork results. Talk with your physician and find out what blood tests he/she recommends for you.



preventative measures colonoscopy

Okay so you might not need a colonoscopy EVERY year, but if you are having stomach or digestive issues, a colonoscopy should be in order. Colonoscopies help doctors find ulcers, tumors and other serious concerns that could be causing stomach problems. Due to increased risk, men and women age 50 or older should get a colonoscopy once every 10 years.



preventative measures vaccines

It’s a common misconception that children are the only ones who need immunizations. This couldn’t be more further from the truth. While kids still see the most vaccinations, some are suggested for senior citizens. If you are over the age of 60, immunizations for protection against the flu, shingles and pneumococcal pneumonia are highly recommended.



Preventative measures vision

Your eyes aren’t what they used to be. After you pass the age of 40, it may be more difficult to focus on objects or read from a close distance. This is a common condition known as presbyopia. The older we get, the more advanced presbyopia becomes. Seniors are also at higher risk of other eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma. If an eye disease goes untreated, you may be putting your life (and the lives of others) at risk every time you drive. Stay safe and get a vision test every year!



Preventative measures weight

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than 2 out of 3 adults are considered to be overweight or obese, with 1 out of 20 to have extreme obesity. It’s no secret that America’s obesity problem continues to “grow.” The main cause of obesity is poor diet and lack of activity. If you are overweight, talk to your doctor. Try changing up your diet for healthier options and get exercise by doing activities you enjoy.



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