Grateful Patient Story: VNA Physical Therapist Patricia Russo

I had a total knee replacement on my right knee Friday, February 28, 2020. On Saturday February 29, 2020 VNA Physical Therapist Patricia Russo visited me for my in home rehab evaluation. As soon as my wife and I met Patty she made us both feel very comfortable. We knew she would provide compassionate, caring, and professional patient care. Patty immediately reviewed many safety precautions my wife and I needed to have in place to ensure our home would be a safe environment during and after my total knew replacement rehab.

At every rehab session Patty wore the appropriate PPE; gloves, face mask, and eye protection. This was to ensure my wife and I would be completely protected. Prior to entering our home Patty would ask if either my wife or I or anyone we were in contact with were exposed to the Coronavirus. As soon as Patty entered our home she would thoroughly was her hands for a minimum of thirty seconds.

During the subsequent eight weeks of in home physical therapy Patty continued to exceed our expectations! Patty did an excellent job instructing me and helping me to continue to make progress with my right knee rehabilitation regardless of my additional physical limitations. I have five herniated discs in my lower back and two herniated discs in my mid back. I also had reverse shoulder replacement surgery on my right shoulder June 2019. The pain cause by the afore mentioned injuries drastically impeded the progress of my right knee rehab. Patty continued to provide home physical therapy two to three times a week for a total of eight weeks. During my sessions Patty was extremely patient, kind, caring and inspirational. Patty would remind me to remain patient with myself and that we would work through the pain barriers together.

Patty would call me in the evening after my therapy and on my unscheduled PT days to see how I was feeling. Patty was always extremely concerned if I was experiencing any unusual pain from that day or our previous day’s therapy. At the completion of eight week of therapy, Patty helped me to attain right knee extension of -5 degrees and a flexion of 130 degrees.

I had three surgeries on my right shoulder within a year and a half without patient physical therapy each time. Your VNA Therapist Patricia Russo provided the most comprehensive, compassionate, professional, caring and loving therapy I have ever received. Patty is truly an asset to your organization and to every patient she treats.

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