Happy Nurses Month – How We Appreciate our Home Care and Hospice Nurses at VNA!

May is National Nurses Month! It’s a great time to show appreciation for the most trusted profession in the country. Celebrations are held across the U.S. to honor nurses for the hard work they do. Many nurses receive flowers and gifts from friends, family, and patients, while some restaurants and stores offer discounts and free food. These small gestures mean a lot to the people we entrust with our health care each and every day.

VNA Health Group wouldn’t be where we are today without our trusted nurses. We truly value them every day, but this month encourages us to be especially grateful for what they do for our patients and their families. Below we share some of the ways that we show appreciation for our home care and hospice nurses at VNA.

Highlight Nurse Stories

One of the ways that we bring attention to our nurses is by highlighting some of our favorite stories. Head over to our YouTube channel to view inspiring stories. It’s always a wonderful feeling to see how our home care and hospice nurses touch the lives of our patients as they go through different life processes. Whether your parent is entering hospice or regaining their independence after a procedure, our nurses treat all patients with the same dignity and respect.

Say Thank You

A simple thank you goes a long way in the healthcare field. Nurses tend to go underappreciated. They dedicate their lives to helping others yet the credit often goes to doctors, or one bad apple gives a bad name to everyone. However, most nurses are wonderful, caring people who put others’ needs before their own. So, if you see a nurse, give them a thank you and a hug. We know we will be!

Catered Lunches

Nurses often take on 12-hour shifts and don’t skip a beat. But, it’s important that they’re staying hydrated and getting enough nutrients. After all, nurses can’t take care of others if they don’t care about themselves! This is why nurses are often celebrated with catered meals during Nurses Month. It feels good to step into the break room and have fresh fruits, veggies, sandwiches, bottled water, etc. to recharge.

VNA Health Group celebrates Nurses Month, and we hope you do, too. Our home care and hospice nurses are the backbone of our organization and we truly appreciate all that they do – and we know our patients do, too!

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