Home Healthcare Tips to Recover From a Stroke

Home Healthcare Tips to Recover From a Stroke

A stroke is a life-changing experience for the individual and their family. While returning home to live independently is the best case scenario for stroke survivors, the healing process is still emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Considering that the majority of stroke survivors have some degree of disability, in-home safety modifications are often required to make things safer.

As your loved one returns home from the hospital following a stroke, here are some home healthcare tips that you’ll want to follow right away. Doing so will make their recovery safer and easier.

Make the Appropriate Home Modifications

Start by making the home safe and functional for your loved one. Some of the things you can do include moving items to make them easier to reach, installing grab bars in the bathroom, placing anti-slip mats on hardwood floors and switching out light bulbs to make them brighter. Here is a thorough home modification checklist that you can use as a guide.

Prepare Healthy, Balanced Meals

To speed up recovery and prevent another stroke, stroke survivors must eat healthy. Avoid serving your loved one sweets, processed meals and salty snacks. Instead, focus on whole foods like fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

You can also enlist help from a nutritionist who will create meal plans for your family member’s body and lifestyle. Keep in mind that your loved one may have trouble chewing or swallowing. Remind them to chew and swallow slowly, with their head turned to one side to avoid choking.

Take Medications On Time

Eating a balanced diet will also make it easier to take medications on time. In addition to the medications your loved one was already taking, they may have new ones from the hospital.

Your loved one’s doctor will prescribe a unique mix of medications depending on the type of stroke they had. Common stroke recovery drugs include blood pressure drugs, anti-clotting drugs and cholesterol drugs. Record any side effects that your loved one experiences.

Enlist Help for Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation may include nursing care, speech therapy, physical therapy and physiotherapy. VNA Health Group offers home health care for stroke survivors. Our nurses will teach your loved one how to live independently in their home, even with limitations.

The stroke rehabilitation services offered by VNA Health Group are:

  • Physical therapy to restore physical functioning
  • Occupational therapy to develop adaptive strategies for performing daily activities
  • Speech-language therapy to regain language and communication skills, as well as address swallowing problems
  • Mental health services to help cope with emotional or behavioral changes 
  • Care coordination to keep track of appointments
  • Assistance with daily activities – bathing, dressing, toileting – as well as companionship

If your loved one recently suffered a stroke, know that you are not alone in caring for them. By enlisting help from a home healthcare agency like VNA Health Group, you can provide your loved one with personalized care in the comfort of their home. Contact our home healthcare agency to learn more about our in-home stroke rehabilitation services.

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