How Hospice Care Can Benefit Your Loved Ones

Hospice care is a type of health care that focuses on improving quality of life for terminally ill patients. This type of care is available to people who are in the last phases of an incurable disease. Aside from reducing pain and discomfort, hospice also provides emotional and spiritual support to families, including bereavement support.

Hospice services like VNA Health Group provide hospice care. It’s best to take advantage of this care sooner than later as the benefits are far-reaching. People often wait too long before seeking this care, with 30 percent of people dying in seven days or less

What Services are Provided in Hospice? 

The purpose of hospice is to keep people with terminal illness as comfortable as possible. Treatment is not curative but relief-based. Here are the services provided by hospice: 

  • Pain and symptom management 
  • Maintenance care for existing conditions like diabetes
  • Emotional, spiritual, psychological and social support
  • Necessary drugs, medical supplies and equipment
  • Individual/family mentoring
  • Speech/physical therapy 
  • Grief counseling for family members

How Hospice Can Help Your Loved One 

Even though hospice is often equated with end-of-life medical care, it extends much further than this. Let’s look at some of the ways that hospice care can benefit your loved one

Pain and symptom management 

Your loved one will get personalized care that addresses their unique symptoms. Rather than suffering in pain and discomfort, a hospice nurse will take care of their medical needs. 

More control over your loved one’s needs 

Adding more people to your loved one’s care team is a good thing. You’re not giving up control – in fact, you’ll have more say in the treatment options your loved one receives. 

Prevent hospitalization 

Studies show that hospice care significantly reduces the need for hospitalization and emergency room visits. Instead, your loved one can remain comfortably in a stable, balanced environment with a lower risk of infection. 

Respite care 

Respite care is available for the primary caregivers of the patient. It’s important for your own mental and physical health that you step out and take some time for yourself, whether it’s to grab a meal, take a shower or meet a friend for coffee. 

24/7 availability 

Hospice teams are available around-the-clock for questions, concerns and medical needs. Your family will feel comforted knowing they can reach a hospice nurse 24 hours a day. 

Emotional and spiritual support

End-of-life matters are stressful for everyone involved. Hospice care coordinators can help your family plan ahead, cope with daily challenges and coordinate with others for memorial services and end-of-life planning. 


VNA Health Group has an exceptional team of hospice-certified doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and home health aides to help families deal with end-of-life challenges. Our services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide to your loved one.

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