Joint Replacement Therapy FAQs

Common Questions About Joint Replacement Therapy

Below are some frequently asked questions that may help our patients and their family members learn more about joint replacement therapy.

When can I go home after my joint replacement?

Joint replacement is a major surgery. After the operation, depending on your progress with recovery, you may be able to leave the hospital within one to three days of the surgery. Some people do go home immediately after surgery. Continuing physical therapy and exercise from the hospital at home after this type of a procedure is very important as it helps improve the functionality and independence of joint movements to get you back to what you want to do. Afterall, you had the motivation to go through a joint replacement surgery, so practicing your exercises and getting back to your life before you had joint issues will be a major motivator during your healing process.

How long until I can walk up and down the stairs after my knee replacement?

Recovery and rehabilitation are crucial for getting back on your feet after a knee replacement. On the first day after surgery and depending on how you feel, your doctor and physical therapist will make sure you have the right assistive device, such as walkers, crutches or canes, to support you while you begin to walk. Before you leave the hospital, you will perform the stairs with your physical therapist to make sure you can get into your home safely. The main focus here is to help you feel comfortable and confident with your walking before going home. Your nurses will always make sure you feel okay with your walking before going home. Once you are home, your home care physical therapist will teach you the safest way to negotiate any stairs that may be in your home. Always remember, your at home care PT will provide you with a great amount of care, as your health and safety is their number one priority. They will ensure you feel confident and safe, and will not allow you to feel alone or unsure of your abilities.

Can I get at home care to help me recover from my joint replacement?

Yes, you can get at home care to help you recover from joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement is a major procedure that aims at reducing joint pain and improving joint functionality. Getting at home care after a joint replacement procedure offers several advantages and is highly recommended. Studies show that patients who receive at home health care for post-surgery rehabilitation tend to recover better and faster from the procedure. Not only does at home rehabilitation result in better recovery, but it is also associated with lower cost of recovery and higher patient satisfaction.

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