March 30th is National Doctors Day. Here is How We Celebrate!

On March 30th of each year, we celebrate National Doctors’ Day! This special day was established to recognize the incredible work of physicians and the contributions to the communities they live in. The first Doctors’ Day was celebrated on March 30, 1933, and the initial celebration involved mailing greeting cards to doctors and placing flowers on deceased doctors’ graves. Today, our celebrations are similar and continue to focus on doctors who are serving patients in our communities.

At VNA Health Group, we can’t overlook such an important day within our own organization. Let’s take a moment to recognize our visiting physicians, how they help patients in need, and how we celebrate their contributions to us.

Recognizing Our Visiting Physicians

VNA Health Group is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping individuals and families reach a higher level of health and wellbeing. As part of our services, we offer Visiting Physician Services where highly qualified and compassionate doctors make house calls – just like in the good old days!

To provide this service to our patients, VNA partnered with Visiting Physician Services (VPS) in 2016, one of the largest and most experienced house call practices in New Jersey. All VPS physicians are board are certified and provide individualized care in the comfort of your home.

The benefits of having a physician come to your home are:

  • Decrease stress from getting to and from doctor’s appointments
  • Reduce anxiety for families caring for their loved one
  • Receive an accurate evaluation
  • Improve communication between the doctor and patient
  • Lessen dependence on emergency services

We strongly recommend our Visiting Physician Services to a variety of patients, such as those who are unable to visit a doctor normally, those who take several medications, who currently experience multiple chronic conditions, or who suffered a situation that required hospitalization.

How We Celebrate National Doctors’ Day

You don’t need anything special to celebrate National Doctors’ Day. Simply let your favorite doctor know that you appreciate their hard work. Here are a few ways to celebrate National Doctors’ Day:

● Say thank you. If you have an appointment scheduled, thank your doctor in person. He or she will appreciate it! You can also send a quick message through My Chart or leave a message with the receptionist.

● Send a card. For a more personalized gesture, send your physician a thank you or a thinking of you card. Include a quick handwritten note sharing your family’s appreciation for them.

● Send flowers or treats. Flowers delivered to your doctor’s office is another nice gesture. The flowers will brighten up the space and your doctor’s day! Or, send some treats your doctor’s way, such as dark chocolate, nuts, or a fruit basket.

● Share your story on social media. Using the hashtag #NationalDoctorsDay, share your favorite experience on social media. Link your post to your doctor’s social media page, if they have one.

VNA Health Group would like to thank our physicians who enrich our patients’ lives. To learn more about our Visiting Physician Services, contact us today.

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