National Nurses Month

National Nurses Month

National Nurses Month is observed during the month of May. It’s a time to celebrate nurses who have devoted their lives to helping others. And while most of us have always appreciated what nurses do, 2020 was a year like no other. Nurses had to put themselves on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19.

More than a year later, we are still fighting the pandemic and continuing to rely on nurses for physical and emotional support. One month isn’t enough for our nurses, but it’s a start. Let’s make a commitment to show our gratitude this month. And we’d like to start by thanking the nurses from VNA Health. Thank You!

National Nurses Week/Month History

National Nurses week traditionally starts on May 6 and ends on May 12 – the birthday of the historical nursing icon Florence Nightingale. This week was created to formally acknowledge nurses who work tirelessly year-round. As of 2020, the week of recognition expanded to a full month. It’s well deserved, don’t you agree?

In all, National Nurses Week has been celebrated for more than 60 years. This year, the ANA and WHO have extended the Year of the Nurse to recognize the ongoing commitment to serve on the front lines of the pandemic. This year’s theme is “Nurses Make a Difference” and it focuses on supporting nurses for their contributions.

  • Week One: Self-care. Focus on the emotional and physical well-being of nurses.
  • Week Two: Recognition. Recognize the critical work nurses do on a daily basis.
  • Week Three: Professional development. Learn how to excel and lead in your nursing career and help others who want to be nurses.
  • Week Four: Community engagement. Promote nurses’ contributions by engaging the community.

Ideas for Celebrating Nurses in Your Community

Most people are aware of what nurses do for them but they’re not sure how to show their gratitude. Don’t worry – our home care agency in NJ has some great ways you can celebrate nurses in your community – healthcare worker approved!

  • Write a personal note of appreciation
  • Order a catered lunch
  • Bring in snacks and bottled water
  • Highlight nurses on social media
  • Give a gift – a simple gift card will do!
  • Bring in a masseuse

Nurses are the core of our healthcare system and we want to take the time to thank them for saving and improving lives. If you happen to know or see a nurse around, make sure you thank them for a job well done!

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