The Importance of Having a Primary Care Doctor

Everyone needs a primary care doctor in their lives. These healthcare professionals specialize in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatric home care in NJ. Even those who are generally healthy should have a primary care physician. Consider that the 2019-20 flu season has brought about as many as 23,000,000 flu medical visits and up to 620,000 hospitalizations. Many of these patients sought care from their primary care doctor.

If you don’t have a primary care physician, it’s time to get one! Below you’ll find the importance of having this healthcare professional in your life, especially during pneumonia and flu season.

Prevent chronic conditions

The more your doctor knows about your overall health, the easier it is for them to identify potential health problems before they cause problems. For example, your doctor can recommend tests to determine your risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. If you are at risk, your doctor will develop a plan that includes nutrition, exercise and possibly medication.

Receive a continuum of care

The great thing about primary care doctors is that they provide comprehensive care. They may refer you to a specialist for addressing certain conditions, but otherwise, these doctors are knowledgeable in a wide range of health issues. For example, if it’s cold and flu season and you’re worried that you have the flu, you can visit your doctor and get antivirals to prevent pneumonia.

Enjoy time savings

When you have an established relationship with your primary care doctor, you can enjoy significant time savings. Why? Because it’s easier to keep on top of your health, treat new symptoms, schedule annual checkups and get quick refills. And, the more comfortable you are with the doctor and their staff, the more willing you will be to see them regularly.

Manage your medications

Roughly 44 percent of Americans take at least one prescription medication each day, and 17 percent take at least three. If you are in this group, you’ll want to have a doctor who keeps track of your medications. Most primary care physicians use electronic software that notifies them of side effects, dangerous combinations and more. This information is especially helpful when adding new medications to your regimen.

Primary Care and Telehealth

In the world of the internet and smart devices, Telehealth has developed into a valuable, integrated service used by primary care physicians, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These virtual visits provide easy access to physicians who can assess symptoms, diagnose and treat for more simple and less serious ailments.

VNA’s Visiting Physician Services now offers Telehealth visits in addition to their in-home visits for their homebound patients. Through Telehealth, Visiting Physician can conduct follow up visits, manage chronic conditions and provide remote post-hospitalization care.  For more information, call Visiting Physician at 732-571-1000.

Address behavioral health

Lastly, primary care physicians can address behavioral health problems, which are common at any age. Whether you’re struggling with symptoms of depression or anxiety, your doctor can screen you for mental illness and provide early intervention services in NJ like counseling, group support and medication.

It’s apparent that primary care doctors are extremely important to your mental and physical health and well-being. To find a healthcare physician that meets your unique needs, contact VNA Health Group today.

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