Time, Talent and Treasure – All Are Mission Critical to VNA

While much has changed in the 105 years since the VNA was founded, the generous support of our community has remained a constant. As a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization, VNA has always relied on both financial contributions and volunteer hours to fulfill its mission. Yet placing a value on all this generous support is nearly impossible. The influence, insight and impact of our volunteers and philanthropists cannot be overestimated, and they secure our ability to provide care to all patients in need, regardless of their circumstances or ability to pay.

No couple better symbolizes the extraordinary value of dedicated service to VNA than Diane and Frank Vigilante of Fair Haven. Frank, a retired AT&T executive, has served as a member of the VNAHG Board of Trustees since 1993, donating countless hours of experience and advice. Frank is passionate about hospice, as is his wife, Diane, who has been a hospice volunteer for 18 years. She spends several hours each week visiting patients in their homes.

In addition to all they have given of their time and talent, Frank and Diane are generous VNA donors. They support nearly every VNA special event and the 2020 Vision Campaign. They have also made a bequest to the VNA in their estate plan.

Fortunately, the Vigilantes’ commitment to serving VNA is not unique. Many volunteers and donors come together to contribute to our success. Charitable support, for example, is the key to our ability to provide complimentary hospice programs and a wide array of public health and safety net programs for vulnerable children and families. The majority of these programs receive some public funding, but are often under-resourced. It is our donors, therefore, who make up the difference and ensure that we can continue to respond to those who need our services.

Individuals support the VNA in many ways: attending special events, shopping at the VNACJ Thrift Shop, making a bequest or pledging to the 2020 Vision Campaign. Many also serve as volunteers: for the Board of Trustees and Institute Advisory Board, for hospice, and for events, the Thrift Shop and our annual Seasons of Hope program. Like the Vigilantes, our donors and volunteers make an extraordinary difference. They recognize a need, commit wholeheartedly and do what needs to be done…priceless.

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