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Private Care Home Transition Program in New Jersey

VNA Private Care Home Transition Program

The Home Transition Program works to provide care to and enhance the ability of individuals to be successful in returning to their home.


When you or a loved one needs extra help following a stay in the hospital or rehabilitation center, the Home Transition Program of the VNA Private Duty Services is the answer. Our Home Transition Team provides you with a variety of services that can help you be successful in returning to your home.


How we can help


Before beginning care, your Home Transition Team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs.  Your team will consist of a Registered Nurse and an aide.  Our Registered Nurse will determine with you what is important for you in returning to your home. The Service for the first week includes: 


  • Three 3 hour visits from an aide
  • Registered Nurse assessment
  • Transport Home
  • Helping to prep your home
  • Grocery Shopping and Errands
  • Filling Prescriptions
  • Coordination of Physician Appointments
  • Personal hygiene, bathing and toileting
  • Dressing

Goals of the Home Transition Program



  • To ensure individuals transition back to home successfully.
  • Reduce the likelihood of returning to the hospital or rehabilitation center.
  • To reduce the stress of coming home from the hospital.
  • To improve the quality of life of the individual and those closest to them

Who we are

You can choose to hire one of our caregivers for a few hours a week or around-the-clock if needed.  Our team includes home health aides and registered nurses. Our team is specially trained in Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Cardiac Care, Chronic Disease and Orthopedic issues.


Eligibility for care


Anyone can be eligible for the Home Transition Program.  Private Duty Care, as defined by Medicare, is considered custodial care and is not a covered benefit. Most often, Private Duty Care is an out of pocket expense, however, some commercial health insurances and long term care policies may pay for care. 


If you or someone you know needs the Home Transition Service or would like to know more about, VNA Private Duty Services, please contact us at 732- 292-2121


We're here to help!

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