Why Assisted Living is a Great Option for the Elderly

It’s commonly discussed how older adults prefer to stay in their homes and the benefits of doing so. However, there are also many advantages to choosing assisted living in NJ. In fact, when older adults say they want to stay in their homes, it’s usually “for as long as possible.” Once everyday tasks become difficult or friends and neighbors move away, assisted living becomes the desirable choice.

If you are considering assisted living for a loved one, here are some reasons why it’s a great option. 

Help with Daily Living 

When living at home, family caregivers are generally responsible for helping with daily living activities, unless they hire an in-home caregiver. When moving to assisted living, these services are provided. This releases stress on the family and helps your loved one to feel more independent. 

Nutritious Meals 

Senior malnutrition is a concern for many families. Unfortunately, older adults sometimes lose the desire to eat healthy meals when they have no one to cook for or eat with. This isn’t the case in assisted living. Nutritious meals are prepared each day and residents eat together. Some locations even offer luxury dining options with a menu.

Social Interaction

Research shows that seniors who are isolated have an increased risk for high blood pressure, depression, dementia and malnutrition. Living in a retirement community allows residents to get as much social interaction as they need. Even if there aren’t any events going on, residents can still enjoy sitting in the common areas together, reading, watching TV or knitting.

Mental and Physical Stimulation

Most assisted living communities have social calendars that include a number of activities, such as bingo, movie nights, book clubs, crafting and more. Your loved one can participate in as many as they like. Some activities even bring residents on field trips to local events or stores for shopping. 

Housekeeping Services 

Another perk to assisted living is that the facility handles all housekeeping needs. You can expect housekeeping to vacuum your loved one’s room, wash and fold their laundry and clean the bathroom. It’s reassuring to know that your loved one is in a clean, safe environment. 

Be sure to discuss all living arrangements with your loved one so that they can share their thoughts and feelings with you. These transitions are most successful when everyone is onboard with the move. If you find that your loved one needs additional support while residing in assisted living, contact VNA Health Health Group for visiting physician services in NJ. 

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