Young Adults

Healthy Learners are Smart Learners

Visiting Nurse Association Health Group has long-standing partnerships with public schools throughout Monmouth County to boost the health of their students. Our range of programs brings registered nurses and other clinicians to educational settings to work with both school administration, faculty and parents. It takes a village to raise healthy children and VNA Health Group is proud to contribute our health expertise and resources to the communities where we work and live.

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Home Care

Students enrolled in the program are offered mental health and advocacy services, healthy youth development, community service, employment assistance, substance abuse prevention, academic assistance, recreation, preventative medical care, and information and referral services at no cost.

The SPOT promotes a holistic support service to students while working on goals to assist in the development of healthy recreational choices, remaining on track for graduation, lowering the use of substances and teen pregnancy, and provide skills they can utilize beyond graduation. Eligible Asbury Park High School students must receive parental consent to receive these services.