Top 5 Benefits of Home Care

When a loved one is still living at home but needs help to stay independent, home health care can be a great solution. Home health providers assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing and dressing, as well as the emotional and physical aspects of everyday life. Even though arranging for home health care services is a big decision, it’s one that most people come to appreciate. 

If you are considering hiring in-home help for a parent or loved one, here are five benefits to consider for the whole family. 

1. Support Independent Living 

Many people are afraid to receive help because they don’t want to lose their independence,  but home health care actually does the opposite! With the appropriate assistance, your loved one will be able to safely perform everyday tasks like bathing, dressing and preparing meals. This way, they can remain in their homes for as long as possible without risking their health and safety. 

2. Receive Personalized Care 

When you hire a home health aide to come to the home, all of their attention goes to your loved one. Families appreciate this, as they know they’re paying for one-on-one services. Additionally, home health care is highly personalized. Any of the services can be adjusted to meet your loved one’s needs at the moment. 

3. Recover Faster from Illness or Injury 

If your loved one frequently goes to the hospital for slips and falls, trouble breathing, etc., senior home care can make all the difference. Remaining in the comfort of home allows people to heal faster and reduce their risk for picking up other infections. You can also avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital by contacting your home health aide if a problem arises. 

4. Create Opportunities for Socialization 

Home health aides are able to act as companions as well. This is a great fit for families that are working during the day and want their loved ones to have some socialization. Not only will your family member enjoy this one-on-one company, but also this prevents caregiver burnout and takes the burden off family caregivers. 

5. Peace of Mind for the Family 

Whether you have to work, take care of children and grandchildren or manage your own health struggles, a home health agency can bring your family the ultimate peace of mind. You will still have plenty of time to spend with your loved one, but you’ll be able to use this time to share memories, listen to music and look at pictures rather than being responsible for their basic needs. 

VNA Health Offers Home Health Services 

If you are considering home care for a loved one, contact VNA Health Group. We provide home health services for individuals with chronic diseases and conditions. We’re certified by Medicare and Medicaid, accredited by CHAP and licensed by the state of New Jersey. With us, your loved one is in the best hands! 

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