Connected Health Ventures

Connected Health Ventures: A Program of VNA Health Group

Connected Health Ventures, Inc., is a division of Visiting Nurse Association Health Group (VNA Health Group) that leverages technology to better serve home health care initiatives and meet the needs of the aging population and those who rely on health care services at home. Services that will be offered by Connected Health Ventures include cardiac monitoring, digital wound care, business intelligence, analytics and decision support.

Connected Health Ventures is helping to transform home health by empowering clinicians and patients through the integration of new digital and mobile technologies into evidence-based care. CHV’s programs reach beyond what was traditionally available in home health to provide advanced care that better improves patients’ health and maintains their independence in an affordable way. One of CHV’s notable programs is the Wound Management Program, which incorporates real-time video and photo technology to leverage the expertise of board-certified wound clinicians and monitor patient wound recovery. Another one of CHV’s programs is the Cardiac Monitoring Program, which helps patients manage heart failure from the safety of their home through remote biometric and symptom monitoring. With these and their many other programs, CHV is enabling VNA Health Group to proactively identify potential complications, decrease hospital readmissions, improve clinical outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.

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