VNA Health Group of NJ Announces 5th Year Accredited in Jewish Hospice

The Ruth Hyman Jewish Hospice Program is offered through VNA Health Group and is accredited by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice (NIJH). This VNA program is in its fifth year of staff accreditation by NIJH in Jewish Hospice.  The VNA program is conducted under the supervision of a rabbinical spiritual care counselor and our skilled clinical team.

Our goal is to provide patients and their families with the highest quality care, compassion and support as they face a terminal illness. To learn more about this program, contact VNA Health Group today at: 800-400-0981.  As an accredited Jewish Hospice provider, it makes sense to choose VNA Health Group as your hospice provider to support you and your loved ones. We are proud to provide Jewish hospice through VNA Health Group.   With a special attention and sensitivity to Jewish culture and traditions, we help families benefit from the unparalleled value of hospice care.

Below is more information on the VNA holistic-centered Jewish hospice program.

Unique Understanding of Judaism

VNA Jewish hospice services offers hospice care to the patient, their family and loved ones by understanding the Jewish faith in a Jewish framework.  This unique approach to care by hospice team members ensures a compassionate and caring healthcare experience, enlightened by an understanding of Jewish beliefs, practices and celebrations, such as Jewish Dietary Laws, Medical Ethics in End-Of-Life Care, and Life-Cycle Events.

Compassionate Spiritual Care for Jewish Patients Provided by Rabbis

The VNA Jewish Hospice multidisciplinary hospice team includes Rabbis who provide home visits to patients wherever they reside.  The Jewish hospice program can help Jewish patients in their religious expression through instilling feelings of warmth and security and being treated as a whole person.  The VNA Hospice Rabbi can help with traditional prayers, readings, and collaboration with local Rabbis and Synagogues, as well as provide spiritual support that follows your family’s own belief system.  Additionally, our VNA Rabbis can help the hospice staff respond to special cases such as Holocaust survivors or parents of young children.   

The best hospice care programs provide patients with a compassionate care team that includes nurse practitioners, doctors, registered nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors and volunteers.  With VNA Jewish hospice, Rabbis are important members of the interdisciplinary care team.  VNA Rabbis are educated in end-of-life questions, Jewish medical ethics and concerns and religious practices for all levels of Jewish observance or affiliation.

Bereavement Care the Jewish Way

Hospice caregivers confront many differences in death, mourning and bereavement rituals.  Jewish practices and rituals surrounding death and grieving vary in a family’s response to their Jewish customs.  As an accredited Jewish hospice program, VNA will assist in connecting families with a local Jewish bereavement support groups that reflects the natural course of grief and recovery in the Jewish tradition.

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