Advanced Care Institute

Advanced Care Institute

Delivering the Highest Quality of Life for Individuals with Serious Illness

Advanced Care Institute: Better Living, Less Hospitalizations


As the first wave of baby boomers turn 70, now is the time to ensure patients and families can access the care they need for dealing with late-stage illness. This includes managing symptoms  of chronic diseases such as cancer, respiratory disorders, diabetes, and heart failure.

VNA Health Group formed the Advanced Care Institute in 2015 to help patients with late-stage chronic illnesses stay at home comfortably with support from family, a visiting physician and palliative care team. Despite extensive research showing that palliative care and house call visits alleviate suffering and are cost effective, New Jersey lags behind the rest of the country in the number of patients who receive this comfort-focused care.


Our goal is to educate clinicians, communities, patients and their families on best practices in chronic disease, palliative and hospice care. A key aspect of the Advanced Care Institute is Visiting Physician Services (VPS), a home based primary care medical practice for homebound patients. This is a first-of-its-kind partnership to better serve VNA patients by providing in-home primary care. VPS is one of the largest and most experienced medical house call practices in New Jersey.


‚ÄčAnother service offered through the Advanced Care Institute is our Palliative Care Program. Palliative care is an individualized approach to addressing the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of patients and families facing a serious or life-limiting illness. The primary goals of a palliative care program are improving quality of life through management of symptoms, including pain, that are related to the illness. 


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