Wound Care Management Program

Program Offerings

Holistic approach wound management to improve quality and efficiency of care provided to patients in a home health episode

  • Initial nurse wound assessments using best available evidence that includes documentation of wound characteristics, relevant co-morbidities and psychosocial factors that impact outcomes
  • Expert board-certified wound care nurse remote consultations using a novel technology platform that includes video conferencing, digital photography, and decision support applications with interfaces to home health electronic medical record system so consultations are easily visible to physicians and field staff
  • Electronic care coordination that promotes teamwork and clear communication between field staff, attending physician, and wound care nurse specialists
  • Services incorporated into the physician-ordered plan of care
  • Best-in-class patient + caregiver education tools on caring for wounds and prevention of future wounds

Our Services

Proactive Surveillance: Remote consults with real-time video and digital photos together with clinical process enabling decision support allows for earlier, proactive treatment on complex wounds to ensure patients begin on a more optimal trajectory

Advanced Wound Therapies: Evidence Based formulary ensures the right strategies are employed to improve healing and patient compliance while reducing unnecessary visits and waste on sub-optimal dressings

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The Problem is Mission Critical

Did you know, 33% of home health patients have a wound?

Wound care is an expensive and resource-intensive population. A small percentage of wounds require the highest amount of service and generate expensive costs.

Let the VNA Health Group Wound Management Program deliver cutting edge care to patients with wounds in the comfort of home. Combining compassionate care, evidence-based treatments, advanced wound care supplies, and board-certified wound nurse assessment allows VNA Health Group to deliver high-quality wound care never before available in home health.