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First-Time Pregnancy in NJ

New Mom? VNA's Healthy Families Program in New Jersey Can Help

Our Healthy Families Program supports first-time moms in the Asbury Park, Long Branch, Perth Amboy, and Newark communities.

This program for any first-time pregnancy in NJ is run by our specially trained community health nurses and provides visitations to mothers during their last trimester of pregnancy or within two weeks of the expected birth date. Find out what resources are available to you as we support you in learning about prenatal and postpartum care. The assistance you will receive focuses on parental education, nutritional counseling, parenting skills, as well as resource guidance for critical needs, including housing and transportation. Program participants may be eligible for other services within our Children and Family Health Institute.

Home Health Aide NJ

First-time moms are enrolled between the 16th week and 28th week of gestation, prior to the child’s birth. The families are followed through the child’s second birthday, so they receive ongoing support.

Give yourself and your child access to the very best community resources — all free of charge when you qualify.

For more information, contact our Children and Family Health Institute at 855-619-4445.

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